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MICRAG – How 'micro' can aggression be? is an Erasmus+ Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training (KA220-VET) developed thanks to the co-funding of the European Commission – Erasmus+ Programme (National Agency Education & Training of Netherlands). The general objective of the project is to expand the current conceptualisation of aggression and violence which excludes “low-severity” forms of harassment and to equip citizens working in the public sector with skills which promote inclusion, diversity and fairness in their communication with their clients and to reduce barriers linked to discrimination, e.g. to gender, age, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, sexual orientation or disability. In order to reach these objectives, the specific objectives are:

  • to develop a Catalogue of the most common examples of micro-aggression and unconscious bias;
  • to compile a user-oriented Guide and Training Resources which emphasise the role of civility and workplace sensitivity in promoting a respectful culture, and which improve cultural competency focusing on diversity, inclusion and sensitivity, unconscious bias, and micro-aggression in the workplace;
  • to enable networking and exchange of experience through implementation of an e-platform for the access to all contents and training materials;
  • to give immediate access to practice such communication strategies through development of mobile applications for smart phones;
  • to achieve sustainability by providing access to of the project’s outputs for at least five years after the end of the project, i.e. until 2028.

To achieve these goals, a ​6-country partnership was created, bringing together highly experienced organisations and professionals from Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia, Cyprus, Slovakia, and Italy. The MICRAG project started on November 1st, 2021, and will end on November 1st, 2023.

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