The MICRAG project will develop the following outputs:

  1. Catalogue illustrating the most common micro-aggressive behaviours and indicating possible answers and communication strategies for such situation. Animated videos will raise the awareness that sometimes there is not even any malicious intent behind it, or the statement is actually meant in a nice way, whereas in reality, prejudices and unconscious bias are hidden behind it.

  2. Guide and Training Resources which will contain the most efficient communication and argumentation strategies and tools how to defeat various kinds of micro-aggression and prejudice. They will deal with various areas of micro-aggression, e.g. racial, gender, LGBT, age, nation, disability, and intersectional.

  3. Interactive e-platform and podcasts for the access to all contents and training materials. In order to achieve sustainability by providing access to of the project’s outputs, the platform will remain accessible for at least five years after the end of the project, i.e., until 2028.

  4. Mobile applications for smartphones which will also give access to the materials.

All these products will be available in English and all languages of the partnership: Dutch, German, Italian, Slovene, Slovak, and Greek.