Project Meeting – Naples-Casertavecchia 27th and 28th of April 2023

On May 27th and 28th, we had an inspiring meeting in the beautiful city of Naples-Casertavecchia. The two days were filled with engaging discussions and a valuable training session.

On the first day, we extensively discussed the catalogue and deliberated on whether the current format was suitable and if the content was fully prepared. Lively discussions arose, bringing forth diverse viewpoints. We realized the importance of carefully shaping the catalogue to effectively convey the project’s message. Additionally, we attended a training session by Natasja Chedalal. Her training raised awareness about micro-aggression and guided us on how to address it. It was an eye-opening session where we examined our own biases and unconscious behaviors. This training provided us with valuable insights and tools to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels respected.

The second day focused on the guide, which serves as a crucial tool in our project. Mario Campanino from IUL University presented us with the website specifically developed for this purpose. We were impressed by its functionalities and user-friendliness. After each meeting, we will share updates on the website to keep the followers of the micro-aggression project informed about the progress.

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